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Answer two (2) “Questions to Consider


Answer two (2) “Questions to Consider.” Summaries must be a minimum of 300 words and you are encouraged to write more. (Note: The total 300-word count does not include repeating the questions you chose to answer.

Chapter 5:

1. Based on the reading (Labor and Legality, Chapter 5) how do the Busboys convince their employer that they are hard workers and what is their objective in doing all the work? What are they trying to accomplish?

2. After all the hard, extra work is delivered with a smile and all of the work is done, do the Busboys believe they have achieved their goals? Are they happy with their work and status at the restaurant?

3. What do you think about the Busboy’s strategy? Does it make sense to you? Have you ever employed this strategy yourself? If so how did it turn out? And would you agree or disagree that all of their hard work only serves to reinforce the stereotyping of immigrants generally and Mexican immigrants in particular?

4. Based on what you read about the Busboys, how would you describe/assess their conditions of work—good, bad or better than you might have expected given our previous discussions or work in low wage labor markets? And do you think the Busboys’ approach to work had any impact on the conditions of work at the restaurant? (Please explain)

Chapter 6:

1. There are two stereotypes of Mexican Immigrants, one as the lawless “illegals” pouring over the borders stealing jobs and collecting welfare and the other as “the hardworking immigrants” trying to make it in “the land of opportunity.” How do these stereotypes play out in terms of how management rationalizes the way they hire, pay and promote the bus boys?

2. Based on the readings, what we know about management at I1 Vino, and our class discussions, would you say that the make up of the busboy staff has more to do with racial bias or the experience, skill, and motivation of the workers? (Please explain).

3. Do the busboys engage in some stereotyping of their own? (Please explain)

4. The busboys would argue that through “hard work” and “winning the boss” they maintain job security and overcome the exploitation and discrimination they face at work and in the larger society. Do you agree?

5. Near the end of Chapter 6, one of the busboys declares, “I don’t care if I am illegal or whatever. Why not? Because this country gives you opportunities! If you take advantage of them, good for you, and if you don’t, you are stupid. So I feel good that I have been able to take advantage of opportunities here.” The question is do you believe him? Is that what he really thinks? Do you think that he’s not concerned about his status? Do you think he believes he’s been given an opportunity here in the U.S. as an undocumented worker? And finally, do you think he’s been given an opportunity as an undocumented worker?

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