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Homework answers / question archive / A presentation about her life, work, and impact

A presentation about her life, work, and impact


A presentation about her life, work, and impact. Kate Atkinson. Research basic biographic information, as well as insights about her inspirations, culture, and education. Being able to tie themes of the literature to the author’s life/cultural context will be key

- Who is this author? What do we know about her?

- Is there anything that we do not know about her that’s significant?

- What was/is her life like? What cultural influences are important to understand

-What writers inspired her, and what authors did she inspire? What is her literary lineage? (Remember: this can be both male and female

-What are her canonical works?

- How would you characterize her writing? What genres did she write in? What’s her style? What themes does her writing touch on

- What is the impact of her writing? Was/is there controversy? Why?

At least three credible sources to create this presentation (your anthology can count as one).

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