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Homework answers / question archive / Using web searches and sites such as LinkedIn, indeed, careerbuilder

Using web searches and sites such as LinkedIn, indeed, careerbuilder


Using web searches and sites such as LinkedIn, indeed,,, simplyhired or similar job sites find four professional job listings and assemble them in a document.  Some other sources may include,, or specific professional team or county or city websites. Ideas for search terms athletics, college, hotels, cvb, pro sports, recreation, parks, tourism, nonprofit, travel, concerts, director of special events, tournament director, specific job title etc.

 Find Four (4) different professional jobs that interest you in the recreation tourism hospitality /events field. 

-one job in Private business

-one job in Nonprofit organization

-one job in Public Sector government

-one other job

Analyze 1 of the 4 positions consider and address each of the following four questions:

  1. Job title /  Industry and main purposes of the job.2.  Specific main skills wanted include requirements years of experience desired in candidate.3.  What category, what type of company? Non Profit, Public/ Government, Private Corporation, unknown/ hybrid funding.4.  Rate the salaries and benefits / what is the basis and outlook for operational funding? (In other words will economic downturn hurt the industry and funding) 

Out of the four jobs choose one position you are most interested in and analyze the following.

  1. Question:  Which of the following do you think is the best approach to pursue a career in this recreation and leisure field?
  2. Question: Are you qualified for these positions, what degrees are required if any and what other training / path may be necessary or helpful to getting the position?
  3. Question: What do you think about the salary and benefits offered and potential to move up in the field?

Please submit this is the form of an essay with scans / attachments of the listed jobs.  

2-3 sentences to answer each question would be minimum.Scan/ screen shot the position summary listing with main information to submit in one document.

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