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Cellphones I Introduction A


Cellphones I Introduction A. Cellphones are small portable electronic devices that you can take anywhere. B. Therefore without a portable cellphone you can find yourself very lost. C. Thesis statement: Owning a cellphone will give you the power to call and video chat anyone around the globe, gives you the privilege of social media and feel really safe in case of a emergency. II Body paragraph 1 A. Topic Sentence: You have the ability to call or video chat anyone across the world. B. Supporting Detail 1 (major) a. Cellphones give me the ability to contact my grandma that is located in Australia b. I can make future appointments thru my phone. C. Supporting Detail 2 (major) a. I can even video call my aunt that is currently living in Venezuela to show me my dogs. III Body paragraph 2 A. Topic Sentence: Cellphones give you the privilege of getting social media. B. Supporting Detail 1 (major) Social media helps you strengthen friendly or lovely relationships. It can help you find new friends or even a love one. C. Supporting Detail 2 (major) Finding social support in tough times and helps introverted or socially anxious personalities connect in a safe environment. IV Body paragraph 3 A. Topic Sentence: Cellphones will keep you safe if an emergency happens. B. Supporting Detail 1 (major) The most obvious way to keep safe with your cell phone is to use it and dial 911. Cellphones have a tracking device that will locate where it is so that you or the phone would not get lost. C. Supporting Detail 2 (major) It also marks where you parked your car in case of a emergency. V Conclusion A. Summary of the main points or a restatement of the thesis: Cellphones are truly very help full do to the fact that you can call or video chat anyone across the world, gives you the privileges to install social media apps and will keep you really safe in case of a emergency therefor without one you could find yourself stranded. Giving trust to a device can be complicated but it works perfectly.

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