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Homework answers / question archive / In Chapter 13 you learned how evaluation is very important to the design process

In Chapter 13 you learned how evaluation is very important to the design process

Computer Science

In Chapter 13 you learned how evaluation is very important to the design process. In order to improve the design, evaluators gather their user data and understand the user experience information through having the users interact with the prototype.

Prototype designs based solely on one’s own sense of what is best often falls short. Developing an understanding of both the usability of the system as well as the experience the users’ have while interacting with the interface are vital to the evaluation process. For example, you could easily observe how your co-worker might set up their smartphone and how it might be different to the way you like yours set up. Basing your design solely on an assumption that other users would choose the same preferences as you, will result in a less effective design and consequently this is not considered a thoughtful development approach.

In this part of the project consider the evaluation methods discussed in Chapter 14, which can be used to evaluate your final product. As you are writing and reflecting on your prototype and the evaluation process, include the following considerations:

  • Reflect on the role of evaluation in the design of your prototype.
    • Explain what you learned from the evaluation of your product, and if you would still find your selected method most suitable to use.
  • At what stages during the design of your product did you have the product evaluated?
  • Was the research you carried out with your user group a controlled study?
    • Explain the role(s) your users had.
    • Discuss the methods used.
    • What kind of data was collected and how was it analyzed?
    • Which parts of the evaluation were directed at usability goals and which at user experience goals?
    • What did you change in your low fidelity and high fidelity prototypes as a result of the feedback you received from the user group and your peers?
  • Were any significant issues encountered?
    • Explain if any major constraints influenced your evaluation.
  • Summarize what you learned from the prototype design process.
  • Speculate on whether using a different data collection technique or a combination of data collection techniques would have affected your outcomes.

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