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Homework answers / question archive / The country I choose is South Africa

The country I choose is South Africa


The country I choose is South Africa. 

need to add three graphs or maps to help support paper. 

Please choose ONE of the following prompts to address in your assignment post.  All of these prompts have data that you can easily google and put into a map. Please email if you have any questions. 

Prompt 1
Are there issues with water in your region? What are the primary uses for water and what challenges of water exist? Pollution? Salinization? Availability? How is water extracted or made suitable for human or other uses? Are the political issues with water crossing borders?

Prompt 2
Are there refugees in your region OR are people fleeing any part of your region? Why? What are their experiences? Are there internally displaced people? OR are there countries in your region that are hosting refugees? What is the experience of those refugees and what are the political or economic debates around this issue? 

Prompt 3
Discuss indicators of gender equality in your region/country. What are the overall indicators of gender equality and what does that tell you about large-scale patterns? Can you find a story or two or a subgroup that has gotten ahead despite the overall status of women in your region? How does this relate to fertility rates? 


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