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Read chapter 8 1

Health Science

Read chapter 8 1.For each anatomical component/criteria (headings), please include the following information: ? What is it? ? What does it do? / How does it work? ? What is the significance to Nitrous Oxide/Oxygen Sedation? ? What element or item, pertaining to the particular component/criteria do you feel is specifically important to know? 2. All information must be in bullet format ( no paragraph writings) 3. All items must have references a textbook page, and an item number from that page when applicable 1. Nose 2. Pharynx a. nasopharynx b. oropharynx c. laryngopharynx 3. Larynx 4. Trachea 5. Bronchi 6. Bronchioles: 7. Respiratory Zone: 8. Capillary: 9. Brain: How N2O is removed from the body? Diffusion Hypoxia: Tidal Volume:

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