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Why Help in Homework is the best homework help company
  • Jun 2020
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Why Help in Homework is the best homework help company

29th June 2020

With so many websites claiming to provide top quality assignment service, rounds of fake reviews going around, it becomes extremely difficult for a student to find the best homework help company. A homework help company that can fulfil the individual's technical requirements as well as provide him with a great website experience.

In this article, we illustrate how helpinhomework has fared in comparison to other homework companies. Below are individual case studies of the customers that used other homework services.

Customer 1: Our regular customer 1 continues to use course work services for few months. Once came a difficult numerical analysis task for which payment was supposed to be higher but he thought we were charging higher. He went on to use school work services from other companies which charged him twice our price and rest is self explanatory in below excerpts from his own writing.


These 2 gave me really bad experience, cannot even compare to your team. I tried to use other companies, since your team could not do it this time, but they really disastisfied me with their work. I ended up wasting twice the money you asked for.

I am now only going to use your team and I feel really thankful again that your team was the best. Thank you so much."


What happened next was a second set of numerical analysis and for obvious reasons, he used our team to do it. Guess what, he aced it and has now become the most loyal customer.

Customer 2: With this customer we had pricing issues right from the start. She used to bargain at multiple sources and then proceed with us for few assignments. Without our knowledge, she proceeded with another company for a chemistry task. We don't know how much she paid for it. Below are direct exercpts from her email to us.

"I have a chemistry final tomorrow. I actually spoke to someone else, but they fooled me. I need someone to help me so urgently. there is 20 multiple choice and 4 long answer questions. It was acrually today but the website got my money and didnt do it. So I got a new appointment for the final. 

It was this website (livewebtutors). I’ve failed my exam cuz of them. Thanks again 

We ended up helping her finish the task and get 94% accuracy. It was a simple chemistry task. What baffles me is if the course final was so easy, why they did not do it and instead chose to scam her. We understand how companies can take difficult assignments and unable to do them. However the case with this company was different. They plainly scammed the customer. We do not believe the customer to be lying since there is no advantage to her if she does that.

Customer 3: This customer is also a regular customer of her. She told us some facts and some did not reveal. This homework was a unusually long and we gave her the price of 180 USD and since she was a regular customer, we made it 150 USD for her. She proceeded to inquire through another company and got a price quote of 350 USD for the same work and also they told her that they need much higher time to complete it. We tried to ask her the company name but she ignored this particular question. Below are her direct excerpts from the email.

"I found someone who was willing to do the paper but I wouldnt get it back until Tuesday. That's too late. However, I have never used them and it may be risky to try someone else. I borrowed monies. Will you accept $150.00. I have 3 more classes to go and I need your help.

The other company cant even meet my deadline.  They just emailed me back and said they wanted 350.00. That is ridiculous. I can find many reviews on them but seem fake. I cant play with my education."

We ended up helping her for cost of 150 USD and our after 1 revision she has received great marks. Again we were not able to get the exact figures from her but she was satisfied.

Customer 4: We love this guy because he gave a great explanation for the services he used from other platforms. His email excerpts are pretty self explanatory.

"Thank you very much for helping me out due my own crises. This is the best service I get since I joined different websites for tutor and it has been nothing but just a frustrating experience. I will be studying for my CPA any advice on this matter. I am still at work but will definitely look when I get home.

Chegg Study - You have questions and you can search for an answer but most of the time the answer is incorrect. Paid $25 a month.

Course Hero - I type in the questions to ask for help then it keeps rejecting my questions saying I have to choose correct wording after 5 times that I tried still not able to get anywhere. I paid $35 a month.

Varsity Tutors - I paid $350 for 7.5 hours and when I asked for a tutor session and it told me I only paid $15 an hour for my service so they can't help me unless I buy more hours. I used only 1.5 hours and still have 6 hours left so I am not sure what they mean by is not worth their time to help me. "

He was satisfied with the service he had recieved at our platform and continues to use our service till date.

Our take:

In our analysis, we have received complaints about many companies for their shady services.

We can call livewebtutors a scam company altogether and in no uncertain terms, we recommend that you never use this service.

Varsity Tutors, My Assignment Help, Assignment Consultancy seem like very low quality services so we recommend you to not use these services as well.

In last category, we recommend using chegg study and coursehero for their cheap services on easy questions but if you have any course work of decent difficulty, then you should not use these services as well.

At the end, I would like to conclude that helpinhomework is not just a business that completes the assignments but here we truely care for your education. We do not want you to end up paying so much for help with homework and get shady works in return. 

I can go on and on about how we provide our services and what makes us unique but I will save it for some another day. Purpose of this article was to compare our services with those of others and help you make a better decision. I do not ask that you use our services only but here I create a list of websites that you should not use for your homework.



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