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Avast Cleanup Premium Review 2023
  • Feb 2021
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Avast Cleanup Premium Review 2023

17th February 2021

Avast Cleanup is a part of the Avast family and is rated among the top device optimizing software. This software comes with lots of handy tools and promises to improve the device’s performance. Here we will be going to do a detailed Avast Cleanup Premium Review and for this, we will discuss its features, positives, and the areas where it lacks.

Features of Avast Cleanup Premium

Avast Cleanup  Provides a lot of amazing features that can directly boost up your device performance. And in this Avast Cleanup Premium Review 2021, we have discussed some of the major ones for you:

Controlling power usage

There are lots of applications and software that run in the background even when they are not in use. This results in power drainage and slow startups. But using Avast Cleanup Premium can solve these kinds of problems for you. It automatically puts the apps to sleep when they are not in use which subsequently helps in improving the battery life and performance of the device.

Removing junk and bloatware

There are numerous files or bloatware apps that are not of use but consume both space and power of your device. By using Avast Cleanup Premium, you can get rid of these kinds of files. It scans your device and identifies the apps or files that are rarely used or not used in a meantime. Then it asks you for permission for removing these files from your device.

Cleaning and optimizing registry

A registry is one of the important sections of any device as it is the place where almost all the system files are store. With time, a lot of cluttered or broken files get store in the registry which affects the performance of a device adversely. However, Avast Cleanup fixes these problems and removes all the unwanted files that are stored in the Registry.

Defragmentation of hard disk

Over time, the hard disks become slow and the main reason for this is the fragmentation of files. However, Avast Cleanup resolves this issue by rearranging all the fragmented files. Apart from this, it also fixes other hard disk-related issues for optimizing the boosting the hard disk performance.

Automated updating

Using outdated software can be dangerous as these can lead to lots of privacy-related issues. But by using this software, you can safeguard yourself. Avast Cleanup Premium identifies the softwares that are outdated and automatically updates them to their latest versions. In this way, it takes care of your device by updating the outdated software.

Ease of Use

It is one of the plus points of the Avast Cleanup Premium that it comes with an attractive looking interface. Besides this, it is also very easy to use this software.

Devices Supported with Avast Cleanup Premium

This software was initially developed only for Windows devices, but with time it started supporting other OSes too. At present, apart from Windows, it is also compatible to work with Android and Mac devices. It can also be used on a maximum of 10 devices with a single subscription plan.

Pricing of Avast Cleanup Premium

This software comes with two paid plans priced at $44.99 and $49.99. The first plan is only supported with Windows and can be used on only a single device. Whereas the other plan is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Android and can be used on 10 devices. So, choosing the second plan is better as it is comparatively cheaper.

Pros and Cons of Avast Cleanup Premium

We have discussed all the major features of Avast and the major plus points about it are:

  • It is capable of improving your device performance.
  • Can be used on multiple devices.
  • Automatically manages the device performance.

Like every coin has two sides, Avast also has some areas where it needs to be improved:

  • The major limitation is its pricing policy as they are clearly forcing a user to go for a multiple device plan.
  • The second limitation that most of the users faced is that when its automatic maintenance mode is on, it sends too much notification. It also sometimes interrupts while you are installing software.


On the basis of this review, we can conclude that it is good software and is capable of boosting your device performance. But it is only recommended to purchase when you want it for multiple devices. For single device usage, you should look for its alternatives.



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