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Homework answers / question archive / Need help with my writing homework on Cyber Bullying

Need help with my writing homework on Cyber Bullying


Need help with my writing homework on Cyber Bullying. Write a 1500 word paper answering; Additionally, it is believed to be a violent, intended act conducted by an individual or a group, by making use of communication tools supported by digital media, repetitively as well as ultimately against a sufferer who cannot simply protect him or herself. In the past few years, the occurrences and potential for cyberbullying have increased with the growing dissemination of mobile phones and networked computers among young people. Some of the major instances of cyberbullying can comprise having confidential emails of text messages forwarded, getting frightening messages, discomforting images distributed or rumors spread on the Internet (Cheng, 2012. Ortega, Calmaestra, & Mercha?n, 2008). In addition, cyberbullying is not limited to any specific country and it is very common throughout the world. However, Cyberbullying rates differ from time to time and location to location. The research has shown that almost 10–50% of young people undergo some kind of digital media based cyberbullying or harassment. In addition, the results of these threats can appear in the forms of depression, school avoidance and suicide. Moreover, interference gives emphasis to the role of teachers and parents in educating young people about adopting security and privacy measures while using digital media and technologies (Cheng, 2012. Ortega, Calmaestra, & Mercha?n, 2008). This paper presents a detailed analysis of cyberbullying. The basic purpose of this research is to offer an understanding of the concept and suggest some steps to avoid such serious acts. Cyberbullying: An Overview Cyberbullying is the process of using digital media and technologies such as instant messaging, mobile phones, chat rooms, e-mail, or social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter with the purpose of carrying out some specific criminal tasks such as threatening, harassment or intimidate someone. The research has shown that these criminal activities are often performed by children, who have increasingly untimely access to these technologies. However, cyberbullying is difficult to detect for the reason that a person who is carrying out this act can cover himself behind an electronic cover, making his or her true identity difficult to detect. In this scenario, this confidentiality offered by the digital media strengthens the behavior of bullies and allows them to act more violently than they might have acted confronting each other. Additionally, cyberbullying is an umbrella term which covers a wide range of digital crimes such as sending provoking racial or abuse or ethnic slurs, threatening someone, putting an attempt to infect someone’s computer with a virus, gay bashing, and flooding an e-mail inbox with useless messages (Rouse, 2010. Silverman, 2013). Though, there are so many ways to deal with these acts however the best ways is to train yourself and get aware of these latest crimes. In this scenario, a victim can take in hand cyberbullying somewhat by off-putting computer connection time, never clicking or responding e-mail messages from persons or sources you do not identify or from identified persons and sources of unnecessary communications and not reacting to aggressive or insulting messages.

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