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Homework answers / question archive / Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses my thoughts and opinions that i have created

Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses my thoughts and opinions that i have created


Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses my thoughts and opinions that i have created. It is through such things that people’s lives change dramatically and before they know it they are physically, emotionally or socially disable and challenged. Once people are in such situations, they find themselves isolated as the rest of the community regard them as problematic and unfit to mix with others. My course has made me realize that this kind of perception is very wrong and the worst ever (Powaski, 1987). It is important for everyone to know that human beings are all the same despite their situations in terms of health, state of living or finance. My class taught me a lot in terms of human life and its possible variations and I was able to know that life may start well and end bad and vice versa. It is also important as I learnt, that in life people should expect anything and when a person does not understand other humans’ unfortunate situation and show remorse, they are likely to also suffer in the same way due to luck of attention from sympathizers. I also was able to understand that people may see the unfortunate on the streets or neighborhood and ignore them not because they despise or hate them, but because they do not know how to approach the situations. Sometimes people also ignore them due to the fact that they experience a creepy feeling due to how the individuals look (bad state) even though they may be willing to assist (Langley, 2009). I will also admit that before the course I had a somehow similar problem of not knowing how to go near such a person, but now I am professionally capable of doing what needs to be done in order to change the persons situation and at least make them feel accepted and loved in the society. Taking a career as a Community Help profession has made me proud because apart from assisting people in the community to change their living conditions and encourage them in life, I have also been able to make other people who are fortunate to understand that they are not more special or important than the less fortunate. Through my course, my way of thinking greatly changed and instead of having a shallow mind on issues such as community help and change, I am now able to think critically and weigh things step by step starting from being in those peoples’ shoes and imagining how they feel, their wishes and their experiences especially in terms of isolation from the society. This group of people according to what I have learnt has no one else to look up to except us as the community which is capable of assisting them. I learnt that luck of knowledge on such an issue is one of the factors contributing to poverty and diseases in our community yet these are some of the things which the community keeps preaching that it needs to eradicate. It is through people like us that such plans can be accomplished. This topic takes me back to problems that were caused by calamities which I would say were intentional such as the Atom Bomb on Japan for instance and the Confrontation in the Tiananmen Square. In these two incidences, many innocent people were killed and injured especially women and children. Students were also killed in large numbers and many were injured.

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