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You'll learn the mechanics of integration


You'll learn the mechanics of integration.  Integration is the opposite of differentiation;  it will allow you to solve the differential equations that model the  mechanical loads on a beam and the charge on a capacitor, and help you  design both skyscrapers and microcircuitry. 

Just as there are rules for differentiating functions, there are corresponding rules for integrating functions; and you'll become familiar with these integration techniques by presenting them to your classmates.



  • Find a resource with a tutorial/information that will help you  create a specific, original, math problem related to your topic.   Remember, you are NOT teaching the whole topic, but just how to solve  ONE PROBLEM You've created.  You must cite your source in APA format.   (Even if you know how to create and solve a problem related to your  topic, you still must include a source that your classmates can  reference to read more about what you are teaching.)


  • Tell us the problem you've created.  Remember, your problem must be ORIGINAL: made up by YOU. DO NOT  use a problem that has a full solution from a resource. 


  • Tell  us how to solve your problem step by step.  Your solution should  include all mathematical steps as well as explanations in your own  words.  You can type this with the equation editor right here in the  reply box, you can use an image file to show hand-written work, or you  can make a video using the media tool to provide your explanations! 

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