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Homework answers / question archive / ACTIVITY DESCRIPTION This is an exercise that comes straight from acting class

ACTIVITY DESCRIPTION This is an exercise that comes straight from acting class


ACTIVITY DESCRIPTION This is an exercise that comes straight from acting class. It is designed to help actors to be less self conscious by pushing them to do something that is uncomfortable. As students of body language whose end goal is to be able to perform nonverbal language that tells the story you want to tell, being willing to get out of your comfort zone can be extremely helpful.


1. Do something that makes you uncomfortable in a public setting. It can be anything that you wouldn't normally do as long as it isn't illegal or dangerous. It can be as simple as talking to the person in front of you in line at the coffee shop or as bold as asking someone you've been interested in out on a date.


2. Submit either your notes or a video to get credit for completing the activity.

You will be sharing your experience with classmates in a discussion next week.



This assignment has a dual purpose. First, it is another opportunity to practice reading nonverbal

language in a non-public setting. Second, it allows students to see examples of the performance of

body language. By looking at the same person performing as two different people, students are able

to see the transformative power of nonverbal language. | Py "

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1. Choose an actor whom you admire or find intriguing. Then find two videos of that actor, one where they are themself (talk show interviews are perfect for this), and one where they are

portraying a character. For both videos, take notes on what you notice about their body language and facial expressions.


2. Once you’ve watched and analyzed both videos, write a response that compares the actor as

themself to the actor as a character, discussing the similarities and differences that you see in their physical language.


3. In addition to your analysis, include what you learned about the performance of nonverbal language from this assignment.


4. At the end of your assignment, please include labeled links to both videos you used so | can follow along as | read your assignment.

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