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Homework answers / question archive / 1750 words paper on the topic The Importance of Marketing Department in Companies

1750 words paper on the topic The Importance of Marketing Department in Companies


1750 words paper on the topic The Importance of Marketing Department in Companies. All the departments need to perform very efficiently for the efficient working of the organization and for achieving the maximum revenue.

Among all departments present in an organization for the company to become a global leader and for holding a good market share the marketing department of the company plays a vital role. The company’s marketing policies help the company to increase its sales volume and also increase the profit margin of the company in a huge way by attracting more customers and also by creating a good market image in the mind of the customers.

In this report, it can be seen how the marketing department is more important and efficient compared to other departments present in the organization. Using various concepts and theories the role and importance of the marketing department is been analyzed in a good way and its importance is been understood.

The marketing department in every company looks to create a good brand image in the mind of the customers about the company and also improve its image in the global market. Marketing can be defined as the combination of a number of the process where the needs and demands of the customers is been understood based on which the product is been promoted in the market and then it is been sold, marketing also includes the value and customer satisfaction that the company creates with its products. Marketing activities does revolve around these concepts which are mainly to see that the product reaches the customer properly and making sure that the company’s profit margin keeps on growing with time (Wright, 2006, pp. 78-82).

There are majorly 5 steps in the marketing process, the diagrammatic display for the steps in the marketing process is been given in (Appendix 1). As per (Appendix 1) the first statement towards creating value for the customers and for building a good customer relationship is to understand the marketplace and the needs and wants of the customers, which is related to understand&nbsp.the exact requirement of the customers in the particular place.&nbsp.

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