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Homework answers / question archive / Read chapter 7 and 8 of the textbook

Read chapter 7 and 8 of the textbook


Read chapter 7 and 8 of the textbook.


Each answer should be 2-3 substantial paragraphs in length. Each answer should contain information with citations from the textbook throughout the answer, for example (OpenStax page 110).

the book is called American Government by OpenStax. The link to it is below and all the chapters can be found under the link Table of Contents

Chapter 7

1) What are some issues that affect voter turnout ?

2) Discuss some examples of what goes behind a campaign.

Chapter 8

3) In regards to the U.S. government, explain some ways in which media is governed.

4) All of us have been a part of the world of media in one way or another. In terms of public opinion and politics, examine a couple of ways in which the media can influence this.

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