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Homework answers / question archive / Final Project You are creating an election simulation program

Final Project You are creating an election simulation program

Computer Science

Final Project You are creating an election simulation program. The first step is to design this program based on the requirements below. You will be submitting your algorithms, UML diagrams, and code for this project. While designs will be similar, they will all be distinct from your classmates. You are not allowed to work with anyone (this includes tutors) on this project other than me. What should the project do? ? ? ? It should allow for different candidates to be added in along with the probability that a voter will vote for them (all probabilities must sum to 1). It should then execute a simulated election. The number of votes should be given as input to the program. It should display the results of the election and if there is a winner, if not, display which candidates will be in a run-off election. The program must then simulate a run-off election with 80% of the vote count from the main election. Run-offs occur between the two candidates with the highest vote counts if and only if one candidate does not have more than 50% of the vote. Project requirements: ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Your implementation must be object-oriented. Use inheritance and composition where appropriate. Use functions where appropriate. Do not use globals or the auto keyword. Use appropriate formatting and naming conventions. Name your files appropriately. Commenting is not required but recommended as I will be looking to give partial credit.

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