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Homework answers / question archive / This is the second big project of the semester

This is the second big project of the semester

Computer Science

This is the second big project of the semester. With this project, I want to see even more of the lessons we are going over in practice. Minimum it must utilize inherited class and class arrays.

This is a simulated chess game. If you remember, your chess project moved a knight around the board. With this project, I want to not only move that knight, I want you to move all the pieces on one side of the board.

First: If you are unsure how the pieces of a chess board move, do some research. There is plenty of information out there to instruct how a chessboard functions. Your chess piece movement must follow the rules of the game.

Second: This is a one-sided board and used to illustrate how each piece moves.

Third: The program must keep track of the location of each piece. By this I mean that if a piece is moving, it must respect the position of the other pieces on the board.

Fourth: Like the battleship project, it must have some sort of graphical board.

Fifth: With each move the user should also be given the option to start a new game or end the program.

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