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Homework answers / question archive / You will assume that you have been hired as the leader of an art-centered initiative

You will assume that you have been hired as the leader of an art-centered initiative


You will assume that you have been hired as the leader of an art-centered initiative. You find out the week after starting that the DEI group in this “eco-system” has significant concerns about the prior leader’s actual commitment in this area. He said all the “right” things, was a “great human being,” (for real), but over the past 5 years he didn’t seem to be able to attract/retain/promote people from different experience sets, educational backgrounds, demographics. You note that your organization is 90% white, 80% female. You have no trans identified staff (that you know of), and the week before you started two employees who identify as black – left the organization. One to go to grad school across the country, the other got a better job somewhere in the same area.

Imagining yourself in this position – wanting to shift an intractable cultural trend, looking at what you can/can’t do from the role of the leader - research one element relating to shifting the actual work culture/system that perpetuates the dominant paradigm. How does a leader actually make something different happen in an inherited system?

After researching, choose a specific area that you would want to try to shift for impact. Sample questions to give you ideas:·

- What are strategies for managing an age diverse workforce?·

- What policies/practices can nonprofit orgs implement to help foster a more inclusive work environment for trans identifying and gender non-conforming staff?

- How can my organization be mindful of implicit bias in our hiring practices and staff supervision?

- In what ways could an organization’s choice to celebrate/acknowledge certain holidays and/or serve some foods at organization events potentially alienate some staff? What policies/practices can be adopted to be more inclusive?-

- How are job requirements (such as education level and conviction status) limiting who applies? What policies/practices can be adopted to be more inclusive?·

- What are best practices for supporting individuals with disabilities in being successful in the workplace?

Research your question and write a 3-4 pg. (double-spaced) paper – as if you were addressing it to your small group of leaders interested in learning - exploring the equity issue you chose.

Be sure to:

-Cite your research sources

·Define the diversity issue you are addressing in terms of why it matters in your art sector

·Analyze shortcomings (how you might investigate to see if your organization is missing opportunities, or has some inherently exclusionary policies or cultures)

·Share/Articulate best practices for inclusivity relating to your question

·Include questions you would have for a group of leaders.

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