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Homework answers / question archive / You most important insight/vision for learning based on your Future School assignment

You most important insight/vision for learning based on your Future School assignment


  1. You most important insight/vision for learning based on your Future School assignment. Please reference a particular slide or series of slides in your slide deck
  2. Include three key reference points for the assignment--articles, videos, interviews etc
  3. Describe how you will use this insight in your future career. What kind of adjustments do you feel will be necessary to achieve this vision for yourself and potentially for others?

The most intriguing schools to me are the “World’s Greenest School” in Indonesia and the “School in the Real World, USA.” They have unique features applicable to the student and environment. The Indonesian school teaches the importance of sustainability by going green as awareness to students and the world that living in a green environment is possible and manageable. The current climate changes due to global warming have affected everyone globally hence such a move by the school illustrates responsibility towards the environment that the students can adopt as a lifestyle. The “School in the Real World” is also attractive because of the uniqueness that students get to do as they wish. Such a move creates a sense of responsibility from the students through self-driven attitudes and their future efforts. Students may perform better under such conditions because they decide about their future without external influences. The Akoko Floating School in Nigeria may attract the author because of the innovative idea that allows students to study amidst harsh weather conditions and have a capacity that can accommodate many students in one sitting. The Cave school in China could also thrill the authors because of how the government discouraged the school operations by terming the move as taking the country back to the cavemen period. Having unique features among students in a school such as The Silicon Valley School would also attract the authors in looking further into how kindergarteners achieve critical thinking through technology. The schools could be unique to the authors because of their creation that concentrates on the student’s cognitive ability, including available resources that students can benefit from by learning. The schools are based on ideas centered on student’s interests and the environment. This means that schools exist for the students, and any activity, including how and where the schools are built, considers the student’s flexibility to access learning and be part of the productive society. My ideal school will concentrate on student’s educational needs with support and guidance from the teachers that allow them to cope with personal and external challenges such as gender bias, racial discrimination, and sexual orientation. This is because such issues primarily affect teenagers and young adults who find it challenging to speak out due to fear of being bullied by their peers. Technological advancement calls for a change in how individuals conduct their businesses, learn, and perform other general duties. The education sector is also changing rapidly from standard data collection and research methods to digitized learning means. The current education trends include digital literacy, where students use online digital tools for their learning and assignments. Another common trend being adopted is the app innovation that allows students to create their apps and enhance their learning. Books and scholarly articles are also online-based, which has reduced the challenge of accessing information while easing research. The floating school in Nigeria that accommodates one hundred students and can withstand harsh weather conditions is a brilliant idea. Such a feature allows students to continue with their classes uninterrupted, helping them maintain a stable learning routine. The Sweden school that does not recognize gender is also an exciting feature that will help the children grow up without gender biases hence respect people regardless of their gender. The other component is the green school in Indonesia that teaches students the importance of maintaining a healthy environment through its sustainable buildings. Different students have different abilities that need addressing at a personal level. Creating an ideal school that caters to each student’s needs may be impossible because the requirements vary from physical, mental, and emotional. Additionally, the students face different challenges according to their societal setup. Thus, student’s needs vary across the world and within other regions in a country. This may be impossible to have one ideal school and therefore calls for the need to have different schools that address different student’s needs.

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