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I need help on this writing assignment (3 pages)


I need help on this writing assignment (3 pages). Please USE YOUR OWN WORDS and all information has to relate to the text book Organizational Behaviors- Timothy A. Judge, Stephen P. Robbins.

Choose 3 concepts across 3 chapters in the book and write one page (double-spaced) “short story” about a personal experience you have had with each of the concepts. Thus, you will end up with 3 stories about 3 different concepts covered in this course for a total of a 3 page paper (double-spaced). Please do not include names of managers or coworkers to protect confidentiality. Please type this assignment using 12 point font. For full credit, each short story should relate clearly to the concept and should reflect meaningfully on the concept (in other words, it should show some insight or thought)

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