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It can be power point or essay


It can be power point or essay. Design a Reading program for your classroom.

  • How long will it last every day (20 mins per group
  • How will the time be divided up? ( 3 groups per day)
  • Who will be involved? 2 Para professionals & gen education
  • How many students are in the class (Be realistic 20)
  • While in small group instruction, what will the other children be doing? ( technology, writing, independent work)
  • How will you teach them to read?
  • How much silent reading will be done? 10 minutes
  • How will you know if they are really reading silently?
  • What assessments will you use to monitor student progress? informative assessements ( jounals, exit tickets) teacher observations, flip grid etc)
  • Will there be any read alouds, if yes, who will do it? Para professional will do the read alouds on the second through 5 day of cycle. The general educator will do read alouds the first day.
    • For how long?15-20 minutes
    • What will be read? Text based on the curriculum guide

Be sure to include new innovative ideas that you have learned over the past

7 weeks. Site the resources you will incorporate into your classroom

reading program. Be creative and give as many details as possible.


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