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the description is in the file I upload


the description is in the file I upload. My brand is Apple and my product is iPhone. My target consumers ranges from the age of twenty-two to fifty-five years old, have a medium-income of $ 98,000 and have at least a college degree (just in case you need it)

You only get one opportunity to make a positive first impression! When you meet a prospective customer for the first time, he or she will be making judgments of you based on your attire, speech, body language, and actions. Address the following prompts for your focus product or service (selected in Module 1) and target customer (described in Module 1). Be sure to identify your focus product or service in your response.

  1. Where would you expect to first meet your prospective target customer? Ex. Their workplace, your workplace, their home, etc. (3 pts.)
  2. Your attire can significantly affect the prospective target customer’s impression of you. What would you consider to be appropriate attire for that initial meeting with the prospect? (3 pts.)
  3. How would you greet the prospect? As part of your response, confirm whether you would address the prospect by his or her first name. (4 pts.)
  4. The chapter provides an overview of verbal and nonverbal strategies you should utilize to make a positive impression including proper posture, eye contact, body language, and voice quality. Considering your own strengths and weaknesses, on what strategies will you focus to improve your ability to make a positive first impression? (4 pts.)
  5. The chapter also presents conversational strategies. What actions will you take to begin establishing a rapport with the prospect? (4 pts.)

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