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Homework answers / question archive /  Shelly Cashman PowerPoint 2019 | Module 6: End of Module Project 2 Public Safety Policy for A

 Shelly Cashman PowerPoint 2019 | Module 6: End of Module Project 2 Public Safety Policy for A

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 Shelly Cashman PowerPoint 2019 | Module 6: End of Module Project 2

Public Safety Policy for A.I.M. Utilities

Creating Information Graphics and Integrating with Other Programs


  • Open the file SC_PPT19_EOM6-2_FirstLastName_1.pptx, available for download from the SAM website.
  • Save the file as SC_PPT19_EOM6-2_FirstLastName_2.pptx by changing the “1” to a “2”.
    • If you do not see the .pptx file extension in the Save As dialog box, do not type it. The program will add the file extension for you automatically.
  • To complete this SAM Project, you will also need to download and save the following data files from the SAM website onto your computer:
    • Support_PPT19_EOM6-2_Safety.jpg
  • With the file SC_PPT19_EOM6-2_FirstLastName_2.pptx still open, ensure that your first and last name is displayed in the presenter notes on Slide 1.
    • If the presenter notes do not display your name, delete the file and download a new copy from the SAM website.
  1. You work in Systems Support for A.I.M. Utilities and have been asked to develop a presentation summarizing the various components of the company's public safety policy.
    Start by viewing the presentation in Outline View and then navigate to Slide 6 ("What Are Electrical Incidents?"). Add Serious before "electrical" in the slide title. Move Slide 5 ("Common Hazards") above Slide 4 ("Orientation Topics"). Return to Normal View.
  2. On Slide 3 ("Incident Reports"), change the chart type to Clustered Column. Add a Primary Vertical Axis Title to the chart with the text Number of Reports. Select the Primary Vertical Axis Title and apply bold formatting and a 16 point font size. Add Primary Major Vertical gridlines to the chart. Add the Black, Text 1 border to the chart title.
  3. On Slide 4 ("Common Hazards"), select the chart data, then switch the rows and columns. Exit the worksheet.
  4. On Slide 5 ("Orientation Topics"), apply the Riblet bevel effect to all the table cells. Left-align the data in Column 2 of the table. Change the color of the shading applied to the entire table to Orange, Accent 1, Lighter 80%. Resize the second row so that it approximately matches the height of the first row. Apply the Tight Reflection: Touching Reflection effect to the table cells. Add an outside border to the entire table.
  5. On Slide 7, merge the two table cells in Row 1 of the table to make one cell. Change the height of Row 1 to exactly 2.1". Fill the merged row with the picture file Support_PPT19_EOM6-2_Safety.jpg. Distribute the table rows from Row 3 to the end of the table so that each row is the same height.
  6. Switch to Reading View and go to Slide 8 ("Information to Report"). Exit Reading View, then on Slide 8, change the direction of the data in row 1 of the left table to Horizontal. Change the shading color applied to row 1 in the table to Brown, Accent 4, Lighter 80% to match the shading in the other table cells. Change the width of the left table to 5.2". Align the tops of the two tables as shown in Figure 1.
  8. Enhance your presentation by adding a transition between slides. Begin by applying the Cube transition in the Exciting category to all slides. Change the effect option to From Bottom. Change the transition speed to 3.00 seconds.
  9. In Slide Sorter view, your presentation should look like the Final Figure on the following page. Save your changes, close the presentation, and exit PowerPoint. Follow the directions on the SAM website to submit your completed project.

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