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This exam is open book and open notes


This exam is open book and open notes. You have one week to research and answer the questions that follow. Please watch the video "Why Big Dairy Companies Struggle in India." After watching the video, answer the following questions. You are encouraged to use material from external sources such as websites and other online sources. Do not exceed 500 words for each answer. You are encouraged to use graphics and figures to substantiate your answers. 1. Outline four challenges faced by Danone in India. (40 points) 2. Outline the supply chain of dairy products in India. You are encouraged to do some research here (30 points) 3. If Danone were to re-enter India, what should be its marketing strategy (both online and traditional)? Outline two strategies for each channel. (50 points) 4. Please read about the corporate social responsibility activities of Danone here. Based on your research, do you think Danone is a socially responsible company? Why/why not?

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