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Homework answers / question archive / 11, Sales Aneiyeds Tf you Neve downloaded die book's source code from www

11, Sales Aneiyeds Tf you Neve downloaded die book's source code from www

Computer Science

11, Sales Aneiyeds

Tf you Neve downloaded die book's source code from, you wil find the fie SeesDeta (xt in the Chapter 08 toider, This Mile contains

the dollar amount of sales thet 8 etal stove made eeich day for a number of weeks. Each Ine in the fle containg seven nasnibers, which are the sees numbers for one week.

‘The numbers are separated by a comma. The folowing ine is an example from the fhe:

ADER GT, bEG.09, 1670 EP, 2950.46,2703 PS, HED. TF ORF


‘White a program that opens the f¥e and procesess its contents. The program should dupiny the folawing:


1» The total sates for each week


© The sverage dely sales tor each week


© The total sales for all of the weeks


» The average weeidy sates


© The weak nymingr that hed the highest smowy of selee

10. Ship, CrulbeShip, and CargoBilp Classes


Design © snip cies with the hollowing members:


© A faid for the name of the ship ¢a siting)


© A field for the year that the ship was bult 4a sting)


« Aconetructer and appropriate accessors and muAuiors


4 A Uaturleg mathod that Gmplays the ship's name and the your twas bul


Demign & ccuisesnip clans that exfencs the ship class. The cruisesnip clans shoukd hare the following members;


© A field for the manimur number of passengers bar sot)


© Aconsiructer and appropriate accessors and mysiors


0 A cedering CINGS that Seed Ob coder ing Method IA ths Edd clidd, TNS Carsicadhip CES codcsing MUPIOS SNGUIS Gapliry Sey the sun's Rams and he

maximum number ol passengers,


Oemign e carpeshsp clase that extends the saip cles, The cergeship clues should heve the fullowing memibers:


« Allied ler the cargo capacity in tonnage jan sae)


© A.conelructor and appropriate accessors and mAslors,


© A testeing method thal overrides the teste ing method in the base class. The Cargship Class’s vesteing method should cplay onfy the ship's name and the srup's

Cano capacity.


Bemorataie the classes in a progsem that hes a saip amay. Assign various snip, croisemmip, and Cacgomip objects 10 the amey elements. The program should then step


through the arniy, célling each object's tostsiag method. (See Code Listing 9-26: as an example)

8 Pefentunes Ouleuior

A patndroene is tety wise, prams, OF eernence hel conde Be samme torward sxd Daciwards. bere Are LOM weltROwN Palade:

able werd alone Phe

A ttle fallah, & Cabri, Parartids

Conserta, i etresend


Witen o teniaae CRathyvC I enee Mareen in feterEiNe whines A ore ing M—pETINT i.e ftnebnee The meshed ved MoU +n Hie pA mesh the aame invwee seviharkwne

Derapnetrate the euthociin a program.

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