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Homework answers / question archive / Artificial Intelligence Argument Essay        The world is changing at a swift pace

Artificial Intelligence Argument Essay        The world is changing at a swift pace


Artificial Intelligence Argument Essay

       The world is changing at a swift pace. We have reached technological advancement in the last twenty years like never before. Ranging from little things like intelligent algorithms that may know what we like better than our friends to something more significant like reading MRI scans. Artificial Intelligence, automation, and robotization bring many positive aspects to our lives, and we are getting more dependent on them. While some fear the potential negative impact of Artificial Intelligence on our lives, many would disagree because it brings comfort, creates possibilities, and expands our boundaries.

       Considering how fast we advance in technological development and how eagerly we embrace changes, some people may worry that it might be self-destructive to society. There is a fear that we may lose track of things and technologies will turn on us in this rapid race for a better future. Those effects could have many faces like violating the privacy, so-called killer, and potential job displacement. Many would acknowledge a job displacement as a valid concern since "35 to 50 percent of all jobs could be at risk, according to the University of Oxford and the Bank of England." ("Beware") However, the post-pandemic world and growing use and implementation of AI would create many other positions. The COVID-19 pandemic reshaped our lives and how people make business decisions. To stay in business, many have realized that old ways do not work; therefore, "industry analysts have been highlighting the significance of upskilling and reskilling initiatives for employees to retain relevance." ("The importance") Artificial Intelligence helps to reduce the cost of the product, meaning money that was saved could be directed on upskilling or reskilling, and "COVID-19 outbreak simply accelerated that requirement." (The importance")  While we may lose some jobs, many new positions will replace old ones, and collectively we will improve the quality of life economy and push our existing boundaries. 

Another reason AI is beneficial for us is that it will allow humans to dedicate more time to important questions. For the big part, AI is already here, making our lives much more accessible without understanding it. Our personal preferences on a small scale or more important questions for humanity, AI helps us sift through vast amounts of data and get the information we need. "Those machines make us smarter, they make us better able to see the world, they make us better able to interact with or change the world, and they make us better able to think about the world"("How") said Pilarski, an assistant professor at the university, who holds the Canada Research Chair in Machine Intelligence for Rehabilitation. With more accurate analysis and reading by AI, we can choose more precise treatment for the sick and be more effective. Please think of this as a complex arithmetic calculation, sure, you could do it on paper, but a calculator would be more efficient. As a result, people will have more personal communication and demand a "Feeling Economy." It is nothing but the reality that "managerial jobs need to be more people-oriented and feeling-conscious. This may give the edge to women for their emotional intelligence" ("Analysis"). It is beneficial in many ways, as AI brings people closer and improves the efficiency of our advancement. 

         Lastly, Artificial Intelligence makes our lives much more manageable. The gadgets and services that we use are customized to our liking—no need to look for a show we might enjoy, it is already suggested. Making a purchase, there is something else you might enjoy. "Companies such as Google, Amazon and Facebook are spending billions of dollars on developing the AI capabilities of their products and services." (How) But there is no need to fear those things. AI is good at a specific task; beyond its area is useless. One of the pioneers of AI said, "So many people overestimate the Intelligence of these systems. AIs are really dumb. They don't understand the world. They don't understand humans. They don't even have the Intelligence of a 6-month-old. Yes, they can beat the world champion at Go. But that doesn't mean they can do anything else." ("AI") In essence, AI is a tool to make our lives better and more accessible, just like fire once was. 

          While some have concerns about AI, it is something that we cannot escape, and we should not. AI is a great tool to open new possibilities, advance in our lives, and enjoy our lives more. We should not be afraid of something we do not know much about; we are more than capable of learning as humans.


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