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Mr. Jack Mckenzie is a Australian citizen working with a which is based in Penang. He has been working with his company since 2000. He is 67 years old. He returned to the Australia permanently in 20 December 2019 as he was due to retire on 28 February 2020

The following information was provided in his return for the year 2019:



ii. iii. iv.

v. vi. vii.

viii. ix.

Further information provided is as follows:

He incurred RM20,000 on entertainment expenditure on official duties. The travel allowance is for official duties. The entertainment and travelling allowance were paid up to the end of 31 December 2019.

The company provided fully furnished bungalow till 31 December 2019. The rental RM5,000 (including RM1,000 for furnishings) was paid for by the company.

He was provided with a luxury car costing RM375,000 when new for the year 2019. The car was bought in 2010. The employer did not bear the cost of fuel for Bronson. McKenzie took an interest free loan of RM100,000 from his employer to finance his second car. The loan was given from the equity funds of the employer. The interest of the said loan would have been RM15,000 if it had been borrowed from a commercial basis.

Mrs. McKenzie is a housewife and they have two children. The first child is continuing a degree course in accounting at Putra University in Malaysia. The second child is 16 years old and he is attending an international school located at Subang Jaya. McKenzie is pursuing a postgraduate degree in Masters in Business Administration on a part time basis at a private university and he incurred fees amounting RM18,000 in 2019.

Mrs. McKenzie suffers from renal failure and had to go for a kidney transplant at a private medical centre in November 2019. McKenzie incurred medical expenses of RM45,000 during the year. His employer paid RM40,000 of the expenses.

McKenzie made a cash donation of RM10,000 to an approved organization

McKenzie made the normal contribution to Employees Provident Fund, which was equivalent to 11% of his salary.




Instructions: Answer any FOUR (4) questions in the answer spaces provided in the Blackboard.


Salary per month

Leave pay (January and February 2020) Bonus for the year 2019

Entertainment allowance per month Travelling allowance per month

Leave passage to France for family

Gratuity for years of service with the company

20,000 40,000 50,000 5,000 3,000 40,000 500,000

ACC4244 (F)/ Page 1 of 10

  1. He received dividends amounting RM8,000 from his portfolio of share in the Australia in 2019. He also receives rental income of RM100,00 from his family home in Sydney which is directly credited into his account in the Australia. He also receives interest income from his fixed deposits in Maybank of RM6,400
  2. McKenzie bought sports equipment for the family amounting to RM4,200. He also bought books and magazines for the family for RM1,600. McKenzie has the necessary supporting documentation.
  3. Required:
  4. (a) Compute the chargeable income and income tax payable for Mr. McKenzie for the Year of Assessment 2019.
  5. (17 marks)

(a) McKenzie has heard that separate assessment will result in payment of a lower tax. Hence, Rizal is considering whether to elect joint assessment with his wife or separate assessment. Discuss the concept of separate assessment. 

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