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Homework answers / question archive / Instructions Memo 3: You are Vice President of Sales at Modus BioSystems

Instructions Memo 3: You are Vice President of Sales at Modus BioSystems



Memo 3:

You are Vice President of Sales at Modus BioSystems. Modus has been considering
branching out from human healthcare products fike HIV test kits into food testing
kits. These kits would allow customers to test foods for potentially harmful bacteria
such as E-cofi.

You have investigated the question and see several advantages and disadvantages to
expanding into food testing products. For example. profit margins in such products
are pretty low. compared ta human healthcare products. But on the upside, the
regulations governing these tests are somewhat less demanding. Also. many human
food testing products are just adapted versions of established pet food testing
products. and such adaptations are cheap to develop. Finally. the market for food
testing healthcare products in Canada is relatively underdeveloped. This means that.
while it would require a substantial investment preventing Modus from exploring
other opportunities. you are pretty sure that Modus would be able to gain market
share quickly. This means that the initial investment would not jeopardize the
company's financial stability. You also believe that food testing products could serve
as a stable. long-term source of income that wauld help shield the company from the
ups and downs of the human healthcare products market.

Using your own words. write a memo to your personal assistant Harry Frankturt
explaining why you think Modus BioSystems should or should not (you choose!)
expand into food testing products. and ask him to prepare a presentation that you
can give to Modus's executive team. Feel free to invent small details to flesh out the
feasons you give.

IMPORTANT: In the middie paragraph af your memo you should present your
aegument. The argument should give your conclusion and at least two premises
supporting it. You must use at Jeast two argument indicator words (premise indicators
and/or conclusion indicators - see the week 7 lecture slides), and bold those indicator
words. Bald ONLY the individual argument indicator words (not the associated


Your meso (not including the header) should be between 100 and 150 words.
Phease date your memo to the day you submit it.

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