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Homework answers / question archive / The final assignment for ENGL 204 is a short “reflection” essay

The final assignment for ENGL 204 is a short “reflection” essay


The final assignment for ENGL 204 is a short “reflection” essay. The essays should be 2-3 double-spaced pages (Times New Roman 12 font) in length, feature direct quotes from the particular work of literature under discussion. The purpose of the essay is to offer a discussion/explanation of how or why any one of the works of literature that we read over the semester was meaningful, interesting, confusing, frustrating, etc. You will likely just focus on one of the approaches noted above (e.g., “meaningful”), but the above categories could also be blended—indeed, one way of approaching “meaningful” could be to discuss those aspects of a work that you found confusing or frustrating. Another way to think about the purpose of these reflective essays is that they are opportunities for you to articulate what you enjoyed, related to, found useful or not, agreed with or not, about a specific work of literature. Reflect, in other words, on what it is that you liked about a particular work of literature and why. For example, if I were to write a reflective essay on Karl Ove Knausgaard’s Spring, I would likely discuss how I appreciated Knausgaard’s inclusion of the illustrations by Anna Bjerger and how these are related to Knausgaard’s exploration of reality and how it’s perceived. I would discuss 2-3 of the illustrations, what they depict and how that depiction complements specific points Knausgaard makes about reality and its perception. Be sure to identify the author and title of the work in your introductory paragraph and include direct quotes and/or paraphrase from the text throughout the essay in order to support/illustrate whatever points are being made. Because you will be writing about/reflecting on the work of a single author, who will be identified in your opening paragraph (first and last name), the only information you will need to include in a parenthetical citation is the page number from whence the quote or paraphrased idea comes. Rimbaud Bad Blood by Arthur Rimbaud,The Love Song of j.Alfred prufrock TS Eliot,Death in venice by Thomas Mann,A room of one's Own by Virginia Wolf,Par Lagerkvist,Patrick Suskind and perfume:the story of a Murderer.

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