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Homework answers / question archive / Due: Aug 8, at 11:59PM

Due: Aug 8, at 11:59PM


Due: Aug 8, at 11:59PM. Email submission. Subject line must read "FIRSTNAME

LASTNAME PROJECT" So my subject line would read "Chris Mondy Project"



: Critique an article dealing with a statistical study or perform an analysis on a publicly available, secondary source dataset.

Description: For this project, you may work alone or in groups of up to 4 people. If

you work in groups you must meet electronically and not face to face! You will find,

summarize, and critique an article dealing with a statistical study! You will need to

identify what elements of statistical analysis are in the study (such as use of

probabilities, hypothesis tests, regression analysis, ANOVA testing, etc) and critique

the study. Alternatively, you may do an original statistical analysis on a publicly available data

set. These are published by organizations such as the Fed, FBI, and Census Bureau.


The analysis must be your own original work! Choose at least one specific element


that we discussed in class, such as probabilities or hypothesis testing, and apply it to


the data set you found. Explain your results.


Point Breakdown


? Depth of observation - 40%


oThis is how thoroughly you evaluate your article. Don't just say "this is


an interesting article and makes several good points." Explain what


you agree with, why you agree with it, what the potential


shortcomings of the study are, and what its practical ramifications are.


o If you do an original study, this is how thorough your techniques are.


Go beyond basic descriptives. For instance, if you use census data


relating to income, don't just tell me the mean income and standard


deviation. Give me a hypothesis test of some sort or some deeper


inferential or prescriptive analysis.

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