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Homework answers / question archive / Reflection/Critical Evaluation of Your Learning Outcomes Write a critical evaluation of your learning outcomes

Reflection/Critical Evaluation of Your Learning Outcomes Write a critical evaluation of your learning outcomes


Reflection/Critical Evaluation of Your Learning Outcomes

Write a critical evaluation of your learning outcomes. In your response, consider:

1. The content of this class as they relate to Team Management and managerial decision making.

2. Base on the course content, discuss new skills you acquired from this class? How relevant are the new skills to your current and/or future profession?

3. How would you apply your new knowledge?

I am adding my classmate's response for the above question. You will have to write response for each post in 150 words. No references needed.

Discussion 1:

The course Team management has given me a great emphasis on many of the management areas that I wanted to be knowledgeable in. In this course I got to learn about the importance of collaborative working and working together as a team. This course also helped me to improve my analytical skills in order to understand the behavior of various groups and individuals in an organization. This knowledge helped me to understand the factors that needs to consider in order to form a team. In this course I got to learn what are the most effective ways and methods to identify and improve the effectiveness and productivity of every individual and also the team. Studying this course helped in augmentation of my awareness of how powerful business authorities lead and what separates them from their pointless accomplices. In this course I learned the criticality of choosing and having a good team for the success and growth of an organization. From this course I learned that It's a colossal duty and peril considering the way that the individuals you pick are the best factor to pick whether your team will end up being reasonable. The more gifted and instructed they are, the better your chances of progress become. Building a normal social occasion organization is in like way one of the basic factor to consider while directing get-together. This knowledge will help me in future while building and managing a new team in my organization Unequivocally when you're confining work social occasion to help achieve a portion of your business goals, you have an inclination you should accomplish something else – from a general point of view more – to guarantee your pros remain influenced, concentrated and on-task. This course also taught me about the conflict management. Conflicts inside the organization or within team could occurred by many reasons. From this course I leaned that the conflicts can be handled and resolve in many different possible ways depending on the type or the conflict and the people who are involved in the conflict.

Discussion 2:

1. Team management and managerial decision making

Team management is the skills that an individual or an organization to be able to conduct and program a group of people to be able to perform a task and for them to be able to accomplish a certain mission. The group the board accompanies precise viewpoints which can be; cooperation, correspondence and putting in place one-of-a-kind capacities just like the exhibition price determinations.Hackman,J.(2005). Group the executives would now not truly come to fruition with the ability to order and characteristic the choice to administer over about now not many humans within the association. The executives accompanies different definitely special obligations and requires socialization for the other personnel people to have the choice to technique you.A director can run any preference wherever. You want to decide earlier than you get the opportunity to reserve some thing in an effort to have the choice to decide a compelling dynamic a good way to income the business enterprise.

2. Skills acquired from the class and their relevance in the future profession.

Technical skills

Technical skills tend to give the managers the knowledge and the ability to be able to make the skill come into form With the goal that they could have the choice to be applied afterward calling. The specialized aptitudes are simply applied for the apparatuses and hardware that may be decided in the association. A version is an character that works in a commercial enterprise department need to have excessive developed abilities which is probably acquired via education to show into the right manager.Melli,A.S.(2006).

Applied talents

When you have got were given this capacity, one have to have the reasonable flair to have the choice to have an increasing number of theoretical reasoning. With this flair, you could without quite a few a stretch mull over approximately the eventual destiny of the commercial organization or the important office.

Relational administrative capabilities

With these aptitudes, you may work with others and understand with them as a human. This is essentially because of the way that with out those people there may not be any place of business to supervise by any means.

3. How I can apply my knowledge.

I would apply my knowledge to motivate my employers so that they can effectively promote the companies work. This will help with increasing the performance and the entire company could be fulfilled. With wonderful administrative skills, there's the probability of installing vicinity a proper version and maximum personnel human beings ought to have the option to get to me after they want some clarification on some thing. With my administrative abilities, Tuckman,(1965). I may additionally have the choice to recognize which zones might also need to require enhancement for the business enterprise and why they must be progressed for the business organization to persevere through their deficiencies.

A part of the big talents that I actually have obtained are having the choice to permit the employees to take duty for ventures which might be being doled out to them and not to peer them as a field. To have the option to reveal legitimate thankfulness for the worker's achievements as a way to deliver them guarantee to paintings.

Discussion 3:

I have learned immensely from this Team management course and the learning curve has always been upwards with the information that has been presented through different study materials and professional papers.

At the point when you step up or over into another administration position, it's extremely simple to be amped up for the thoughts you have. This eagerness is certainly something to be thankful for however it's critical to take on a steady speed. Before you start any significant tasks, give yourself an opportunity to comprehend your job and the inward functions of your group and colleagues. As a team leader, you may not generally have the advantage of time and fast changes are once in a while basic. All things considered, set aside the effort to talk with and comprehend your group to ensure you don't discard the good along with the bad. In the event that you have huge thoughts that you can't deal with at this time, make a note of them some place you will recollect and return to them when you've settled on to your position.

As a team manager, you utilize your insight into the view to push your group toward every objective. Nothing empowers a group more than progress, regardless of how little a triumph it is. Similarly, a group can get debilitated in the event that you set objectives they can never meet. In the event that you need to make another arrangement, set another goal or roll out an improvement, you have to get whether you've set sensible desires. This may mean taking a peek at your assigned financial plan or the remaining task at hand of those whose help you'll require. Yet in addition recollect that even the greatest undertakings that appear to be difficult to accomplish can be separated into progressively sensible errands. It might take more time to arrive at the ultimate objective, yet those little successes will be an extraordinary confidence support for the group.

A business is just equivalent to its employees and workers flourish when their leaders has viable group the board aptitudes. For new managers and in any event, for a portion of the old hands - it tends to be overwhelming to lead another group. Nevertheless, with a little exertion and not many of these insider facts you'll understand it's just about believing in your capacity to lead your group to progress.

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