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Section 6: Power 30


Section 6: Power

30. Effect Size

What is your expected effect size? What effect sizes have similar studies found?

This might be from a previous study or a target size below which one would not be interested in future interventions.

31.Intra-Cluster Correlation (ICC)

If you have clusters, what is the intra cluster correlation?

This requires insights from previous studies or representative data

32.Power Calculation

What is your power?

Calculate your sample size, given expected effect, using STATA. Take into account type outcome (binary, continuous) and clustering (ICC) if applicable.


Section 7: Analysis & Threats to validity & Dissemination

33. Analysis strategy

What is your estimator? (e.g., difference in means, OLS with block weights, any clustering).

Will you conduct any sub-group analysis?

34. Validity

Describe any issues which may affect the validity of your results (e.g. spillovers, compliance, and attrition) and how you will seek to minimise these threats.

35. Dissemination

Describe how and who you will disseminate your results to.


Project Summary (250 words)

Due to the current housing crisis in Ireland, the problems within the Irish housing and rental markets have been highlighted. Research studies, conducted in Ireland, have shown that there is widespread ethical discrimination towards non-Irish nationals in the rental market. (Gusciute, E. Et Al. p. 614) Our research questions proposes, Would The Adaption of Applications for Rental Housing reduce Statitical Discrimination in Irish Rental Housing Outcomes. Our research would explore if, firstly there is statistical discrimination seen in the rental market, and also whether a change in the application criteria in the rental market would reduce statistical discrimination.

Our sample would include landlords and agents who are advertising properties to rent in Ireland on websites, such as A name and email address must be included, while a phone number and message are optional when replying to ads on Our control group would receive electronic replies to the ads containing only a name and email address. The treatment group would receive replies with a name, email address, with a profession and their linkedin profile stated in the message box. In both treatment and control group, half of the replies would include Irish names, while the other half being Nigerian names. This is due to Nigerians being the largest group of African immigrants in Ireland. (Gusciute, E. Et Al. p. 620)

Our chosen method of randomisation is random sampling. We will randomise from a fixed list of landlords and agents who are advertising their property for rent. We will then use simple randomisation to allocate participants into the control and treatment groups.



- Gusciute, E., Muhlau, p., & Layte, R. (2020). "Discrimination in the rental housing market: a field experiment in Ireland." Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies. 48(3): 613-634.

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