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Homework answers / question archive / In this unit, you learned about the police function and history in society

In this unit, you learned about the police function and history in society


In this unit, you learned about the police function and history in society. For this assignment, you will compose an essay in which you cover the following elements.

  • Explain the three eras of policing and how each era has contributed to the method of policing used today.
  • Describe the roles of the social contract theory and Maslow’s hierarchy of needs in policing.
  • Discuss how the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights limit the power of law enforcement.

SafeAssign Originality Report ( SAFEASSIGNCHECKTEST - CSU SAFEASSIGN PLAGIARISM CHECK TOOL SafeAssign Originality Report Generator I Danetta Johnson on Thu, May 06 2021, 7:03 AM 36% highest match Submission ID: f9e6aede-8e50-4bf9-b835-093e530cfbac Attachments (1) Submission_Text.html 36% Word Count: 659 Attachment ID: 4367778908 Submission_Text.html 1 THE THREE ERAS OF POLICING AND HOW EACH ERA HAS CONTRIBUTED TO THE METHOD OF POLICING USED TODAY. Eras of policing are the different approaches that are used by law enforcement agencies to deal with issues of crime. 2 THE MAIN THREE ERAS OF POLICING ARE THE POLITICAL ERA, THE REFORM OR PROFESSIONAL ERA AND THE COMMUNITY POLICING ERA. 3 THE POLITICAL ERA This is the era that is associated with the time before the 20th Century. During this era, the police were under the rule and control of the politicians. This method of policing was very corrupt and brutal. Therefore, the method of policing today is not under the influence of politicians to avoid the same incidences of corruption, experienced during the era. 4 THE REFORM / PROFESSIONAL ERA… 1/6 5/6/2021 SafeAssign Originality Report This is the era whereby police used technological tools to address issues of crime. These included the use of a response system in case of a crime. During this era, the police only dealt with issues of crime but did not deal with community problems because they did not perceive community problems as part of their responsibilities. Due to the introduction of sophisticated technological tools to investigate crime, rather than just arresting, it gave a foundation to policing today on how to utilize scientific methods in solving crimes, and ways on how to improve crime investigations. 5 THE COMMUNITY POLICING ERA This era aimed addressing community problems, as a way of reducing crime. The police started to work together with the community members to solve crime issues in the community and to solve community problems. This era gave an opportunity to research more on what works and what does not work when it comes to policing, and recommendations on how to improve policing. From these research policing today has changed to better policing method, and community involvement in policing has been highly recommended. 6 THE ROLES OF THE SOCIAL CONTRACT THEORY AND MASLOW’S HIERARCHY OF NEEDS IN POLICING. Social contract theory is a theory whereby people in a society live together with an agreement to uphold the moral and political rules of behavior that is expected of them. (Lessnoff, M. 1990), described that people living in a society that has no rules will live without any responsibility of the community, which will be chaotic. The role of this theory is to establish moral and political rule of behavior in the society to enhance security and help making policing easier. 7 THE HIERARCHY OF NEEDS THEORY WAS DEVELOPED IN 1943 BY ABRAHAM MASLOW. This theory that Marslow developed shows that human beings are not motivated by external motives like rewards, but are motivated by internal motives, (K.Yang, 2003). This therefore means that for policing to be effective, the police should be motivated individually. These internal motivations include psychological motivations, promoting their esteem, safety and self-actualization, love and belonging. Once the police are

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