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Homework answers / question archive / To most of us, clouds are things of drama, romance and whimsy

To most of us, clouds are things of drama, romance and whimsy


To most of us, clouds are things of drama, romance and whimsy. To Caltech chemical engineer John Seinfeld, they’re a cog in Earth’s vast weather factory. At the beginning of the assembly line, salt particles escape from ocean waves and waft up to cooler altitudes, where moisture from the air condenses on them. Droplets form, and many droplets make a cloud. But human industry throws a monkey wrench into this process. The air’s moisture also gloms onto “organic particles” (soot) from smokestacks, cars and kitchens. And since there’s only so much water to go around, clouds form out of a finer mist, Seinfeld says. Such clouds reflect more of the sun’s radiation back into space, making the Earth cooler. Pollution, it seems, has an upside: it compensates for warming due to greenhouse gases. Don’t pop that cork just yet. Clouds may not produce as much rain. And nobody knows how big the cooling effect will be.


  1. What pattern organizes the supporting details in this paragraph?
      • series
      • comparison/contrast
      • cause/effect
      • definition


Different bridges distribute loads in a variety of ways and are suited to particular environments. Simple beam bridges can span only limited distances without extra support. Arch bridges are stronger than beam bridges and are used when supporting piers cannot be constructed easily; the arch may be built either above or below the bridge deck. Cantilever bridges consist of beams or metal frames (cantilevers) that are balanced on either side of supporting piers and are often linked by a central beam. The piers are built in shallow water, but the central beam may span a deep-water channel. Suspension bridges and cable-stayed bridges are more visually attractive than cantilevers and can span much longer distances. Other types of bridge include the permanently floating pontoon bridge, which can carry light traffic over calm water.


  1. What pattern organizes the supporting details in this paragraph?
      • series
      • time order
      • cause/effect
      • comparison/contrast


From an evolutionary perspective, many of the differences we take for granted between male and female physiques are the product of specialized sex roles that are little more than relics of the distant past. Compared to the female, the male is designed as a “running, jumping, and throwing machine.” Male bodies are taller and heavier than female bodies, with bigger bones and more muscle. They are stronger and can carry heavier loads. Males have proportionally longer legs and larger feet. They are faster, more sure-footed runners. Males have broader shoulders and longer arms, and their forearms are longer in relation to their upper arms. They are better aimers and weapon throwers. Males have bigger hands with thicker fingers and stronger thumbs. They are better weapon graspers. Males have bigger chests that house larger lungs and hearts. Together these features mean that males can call on a greater respiratory response, bringing with it greater stamina and quicker recovery from physical exertion.


  1. The patterns that organize the supporting details in this paragraph are
      • time order and cause/effect.
      • definition and time order.
      • comparison/contrast and series.
      • comparison/contrast and cause/effect.

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