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Discussions 1


Discussions 1. Relatives Do you know of any relatives that have that fought in the American Civil War? If yes, please share who they were and where they came from and what they did. My Great Great Great Grandfather (William Henry Vernold) fought for the Union with the 144 NY Volunteers. This regiment was part of the contigent of Union Soldiers that freed Fort Sumter from Confederte control. 2. Confederate Flag Should this be banned from all public and private viewing? Why or WHy not? 3. Modern Day Civil War Do you believe the United States will ever have another Civil War? Why or Why not? 4. Jefferson Davis Watch the following video: What are three thing you learned from watching this about Jefferson Davis? 5. Confederate Presidential Plaque Watch the following video: Do you think this was appropriate? Why or why not? 6. General Lee Watch the following video: Why did General Lee refuse command of his Union Army? What would you have done if you were General Lee? Why? 7. Fort Sumter Watch the following video: Why do you believe this was where the civil war began? Description Watch the movie Gettysburg (available to rent on for $3.99). After watching the entire movie, answer the following essay question: Compare and contrast General Lee and Colonel Chamberlain in their leadership styles. Do you believe their leadership styles had a deciding affect on the outcome of the battle of Gettysburg? Why or Why not? Be sure you include specific examples from the movie to support your position. ------ Learning Module #5 Writing Assignment Watch the movie Lincoln (Available to rent on for $3.99), after watching the movie answer the following essay question: A. Explain what you learned about the Legislative and Executive branches based on the movie and connect it to what you learned about in our American history class. Provide specific examples from the movie, including scenes and characters. B Many historians believe that the Civil War was the Second American Revolution, that it resolved some issues created in the Revolutionary and Founding Eras and raised others that were not resolved until the 20th century. Consider how the Civil War expanded the powers of the federal government and how Abraham Lincoln defined his role as a wartime president. What changes did the Civil War cause? How did Congressional power evolve? DANIEL DAY - LEWIS LINCOLN LILLE STE MORE TUTTE NOVEMBERc

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