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Homework answers / question archive /  Recall a recent decision that you had difficulty making

 Recall a recent decision that you had difficulty making


 Recall a recent decision that you had difficulty making.  How did you diagnose and solve the challenge? Were the consequences good, bad, or both? Should you, and could you, have done anything differently in making the decision? Based on what you have learned so far, what changes would you make and why? (300 words)

 Distinguish between transactional and transformational leadership. Be sure to give specific examples of each style. Which one do you feel is more effective in planning and strategic management for your organization and why? Respond substantively to two other students’ posts. (300 words)

 Choose one or more topics from Exhibit 5.3 in our text and discuss their current status and the ethical issues surrounding them now.  While you can select the same category as a classmate, be sure not to use the same issue or company. Be sure to include at least two recent events that have happened either locally or nationally. (300 words)

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