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Homework answers / question archive / A mixer operates at steady flow conditions

A mixer operates at steady flow conditions


A mixer operates at steady flow conditions. In the mixer, cold water is mixed with hot water stream to cool it down. The cold water comes into the mixer at Tcold = 50 °C (at pcold = 1 bar) with a mass flow rate ??cold = 5 kg/s. The hot water enters the mixer at 75 °C (at phot = 1 bar), with a mass flow rate ??hot = 3 kg/s. The streams are well mixed in the mixer so that at the exit to the mixer, the water temperature is uniform. Find the exit temperature Texit of the mixed water and the rate of entropy generation ??gen in the mixer. You may assume that water has a constant specific heat of cwater = 4.186 kJ/kg-K. Assume that the mixer is perfectly insulated. Clearly indicate the system under consideration and the assumptions before attempting to put equations/ numbers. Indicate units for each quantity clearly and use only SI units.


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