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Homework answers / question archive / DB I: PSYCHOPHYSIC DISCUSSION BOARD I First, read the policy pertaining to Discussion Boards in the MODULE – Writing Assignments

DB I: PSYCHOPHYSIC DISCUSSION BOARD I First, read the policy pertaining to Discussion Boards in the MODULE – Writing Assignments




  1. First, read the policy pertaining to Discussion Boards in the MODULE – Writing Assignments.
  2. This is a senior level course, to answer the Discussion Board questions you will need to incorporate the knowledge that you have acquired in your college education, in particular what you have learned in psychology, the material from the textbook, lecture material and other material provided. The questions will require you to incorporate your knowledge with advanced reasoning and critical thinking (see grading rubric below). What I am looking for in your discussion is how you apply your empirical knowledge to the problem at hand. What will not be accepted is personal opinions, assertions or personal experiences. This is to be a scholarly discussion, therefore present scholarly information.  Post your discussion by 11:59PM Wednesday, September the 6th.

      III. Problem (question):

        In the late 19th century the philosophers argued that the mind was not knowable.  That the sciences could not be applied to the mind.  Two German physiologists, Ernst Heinrich Weber and Gustav Fechner, at the University of Leipzig, proposed ways in which the mind could be measured.  They came up with psychophysics.  Describe Weber and Fechner’s methods of psychophysics and why their findings are important for modern day psychology?

  1. This posting is to be approximately five (5) pages in length, including the references.  The paper must be in APA format and typed using MS Word with a font size of 12 pt (please use spell checker and grammar checker).  The link below will direct you to a web site that can help you with APA format. (Links to an external site.)
  2. You are to find four (4) articles relevant to the topic. Articles that are acceptable for citation must be from scientific journals or scholarly texts.  Popular press articles and web sites are not acceptable for this posting.
  1. To enhance critical thinking, advance reasoning, and writing skills, your arguments must be based on empirical evidence and the scientific literature.  Opinions and speculations should be kept to a minimum.  Faith based arguments, such as the bible or god, are not acceptable arguments for this discussion.



Possible Points

Complex Reasoning


Critical Thinking


Grammar & Spelling




Replies to other Postings



  1. Complex Reasoning: 0 - 3 = No evidence of complex reasoning; 4 - 7 = went beyond what the literature says; 8 - 10 = drawing logical inferences from the literature.
  1. Critical Thinking: 0 - 3 = No evidence of critical thinking; 4 - 7 = some ability to critic the literature; 8 - 10 = ability to question underlying assumptions.
  1. Grammar & Spelling: 0 - 2 = Badly written and/or numerous spelling errors; 3 - 5 = a number of grammatical and/or spelling errors; 6 - 8 = none or minor grammatical and/or spelling errors.
  1. Formatting: 0 - 2 = Numerous formatting errors; 3 - 5 = some formatting errors; 6 - 8 = no or very minor formatting errors.

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