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Homework answers / question archive / Software Development part 2 In part 1 course work you were required to provide an implementation for ONLY ONE appropriate use case

Software Development part 2 In part 1 course work you were required to provide an implementation for ONLY ONE appropriate use case

Computer Science

Software Development part 2

In part 1 course work you were required to provide an implementation for ONLY ONE appropriate use case. UML models were required.

Following on from assignment answer, where you used the case study ,describing a high-level system specification for an application  noted below.


                                                                        Case study


                                               Medical Company (LHM)


LHM is a London based privately owned hospital which provides healthcare to its patients. The

hospital uses in-house software to manage and service its patients which they refer to as clients.

It is an expanding venture and needs to accommodate for processing its information globally.

The practice management system is web enabled and multi-platform for connectivity via web

services, in addition it has connectivity to existing legacy systems. An enterprise document

management system ensures patient documents are replicated globally and available per


In addition to medical treatments, medicine and drugs, consultation and vaccinations are offered

to its patients (with a variable additional fee) the company offers medical instruments to other

companies either to purchase or to lease.

LHM records the details of its clients with possibly their full medical history in their computer

system. When a new patient requests an appointment (walk-in or on-line) a treatment course

begins and a practitioner is allocated to the patient. A full history and previous medical records

are printed showing different categories of Treatments during different time intervals. Analyses

are drawn in terms of any possible allergies and previous histories. Treatments may involve

many surgeons and consultants depending on its complexity.

The contact practitioner is responsible for estimating the costs of treatments that is agreed by the

client at the start of the treatment. The duration of the treatment may be set at any time duration

and may also be changed during the treatment depending on the complexity of possible

operations. The final cost and completion date are recorded at the end of the treatment.

During a treatment process, notifications may be sent to patients and other practitioners.

Repeat prescriptions may automatically be produced by the system if appropriate and are

available for collection at any surgery by the patient. At any time, a practitioner may suspend or

cancel the prescriptions.

The cost for a treatment is paid for by the client or an insurance policy provided by a number of

insurers. Insurance policies may have additional surcharges and costing depending on treatment

types and medicines. Long term treatment courses may be edited or cancelled by practitioners

or clients. To re-start an existing treatment an additional fee is applied.

LHM may receive requests for specialise treatments from other hospitals or they may refer clients

to other medical centres.

Each treatment course or service may include one or more of the following items:

• Operations and vaccinations

• Consultations and check-up

• Medicine and different types of tablets

• Clinical reports and attached documents and history

• Prescriptions and repeat Prescriptions

A treatment course comprising services from other hospitals carry additional changes set by the

medical service providers. A full list of Treatment courses may be requested by the site manager

at any time.


                                                      Answer the following tasks



Based on the specified use case, you are required to provide an implementation and associated testing for the outlined system. Use Java programming language and may populate the system with appropriate data you have created for testing purposes.

In addition, you are required to produce a report detailing a critical analysis of the system and its development. This report should critique the system using software engineering best practices.


Documentary evidence (including diagrams, source code, literature references etc.) should be provided as appropriate within your report.

Note: You report should be a single PDF document containing the completed software listing should be submitted. Your source code should be provided as


Implementation 20 Marks Software and source code

Have you produced a software product which captures the system requirements?

Have you exhibited software engineering best practices regarding system decomposition, structure,

code consistency, documentation etc.?


Note: An implementation for GUI is not required.


Software testing, documentation, and verification considerations 10 Marks

  • Have you demonstrated understanding of software testing including appropriate code?

              i.e  System tests (e.g. unit/integration etc.) and test data


  • Have you managed to implement appropriate testing for the code you have produced and in relation to the specified OCL?

i.e  Tests for OCL implementation

  • Have you provided seed or testing data for the system?


  • Do you understand the TDD approach? Did the implementation address all the required functionality for the system?


  • Have you provided clear and concise instructions regarding how the system and its tests should be launched?


  • Do you have an understanding of the testing requirements? Have you produced codelisting and explanation?

Design/implementation critique    20 Marks

Do you demonstrate the ability to understand and critically evaluate aspects of software engineer that you adopted? Are your conclusions justified?

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