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Homework answers / question archive / The historic Virginia home that Confederate Gen

The historic Virginia home that Confederate Gen


The historic Virginia home that Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee grew up in hit the market in April 2018 for $8.5 million. (Trapasso, C.)

Robert E. Lee's father Henry rented the home in 1812, according to The Washington Post. The family lived there for over 80 years, including Robert E. Lee from age five to when he went to West Point in 1825. He again visited five years after the Civil War ended, The Post reported. (Leayman, E.)

The home's other claim to fame is that President George Washington also dined and lodged there before the Lee family moved in. (Trapasso, C.)

Built in 1795, the brick house was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1986. (Trapasso, C.)

The home had been used as a residence until 1966. The Stonewall Jackson Memorial Foundation purchased the home and opened it to the public. Unable to make ends meet, the foundation sold the home in 2000 to Mark and Ann Kington for $2.5 million. (Trapasso, C.)

The boyhood home of Robert E. Lee in Alexandria was listed on the market with a significant price drop. Previously priced at $8.5 million, the six bedroom house is available for $5.6 million (October 2019). (Zap, Claudine.)


  1. Calculate the annual compound growth rate of the house price since the house was sold to Mark and Ann Kington (since 2000) until the price for the house was reduced in October 2019. (The growth rate should be calculated to two decimals in percentage form. Round the number of years to the whole number). Please show your work.

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