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Homework answers / question archive / Please give a substantive response to at least 100 words to three other students in regards to what they post

Please give a substantive response to at least 100 words to three other students in regards to what they post


Please give a substantive response to at least 100 words to three other students in regards to what they post.

No plagiarism DUE DATE AND TIME: June 19, 2020 At 12:00 p.m. Eastern Time

(Student) victor post:

What sort of people and institutions might acquire special economic and political power because of technological change?

When requested to anticipate the effect that innovation and online life will have on the field in general in the coming years, respondents referred to everything from reasonable ramifications to more extensive and increasingly inquisitive thoughts regarding the eventual fate of imagination.

From a useful perspective, numerous associations state that innovation will make them progressively proficient:

The Internet permits our association to promote itself all the more successfully through web-based publicizing, online journals and web-based social networking trades. We had the option to diminish our spending plans and increment income utilizing on the web assets viably.

It likewise incredibly encourages your capacity to save ability and recognize what's in store:

For expressions developers, getting to top notch media to assess craftsmen before assessing them live was a major advance forward. Just Spotify made it a lot simpler to get an initial introduction of a craftsman, not to hang tight for press units, to get to just what they distributed on their sites, and so forth.

Others remarked on how innovation is changing the conduct of the open who purchases tickets:

The acquisition of a minute ago tickets and the inclination to move away from conventional membership bundles are probably going to proceed, as the Internet has liberated individuals from arranging most occasions ahead of time. This will influence the consistency of salary. On the positive side, internet-based life has been an awesome instrument for informal advertising.

While it is difficult to comprehend what advanced and Internet innovations will resemble quite a while from now, the pattern is probably going to proceed, so more data is conveyed all the more rapidly to a more focused on crowd, with increasingly prompt input from the beneficiary. We accept that this leads individuals to delay choices about how they will invest their free energy. For our industry, this generally prompts a decrease in season tickets, a decline ahead of time deals and an expansion in a minute ago film industry deals.


Thomson, Kristin, et al. “Section 6: Overall Impact of Technology on the Arts.”Pew Research Center: Internet, Science & Tech, Pew Research Center, 4 Jan. 2013,

(Student) sarah post:

What changes in language are being enforced by new technologies, and what is being gained and lost by such changes?

I really enjoyed reading Digital art is what you can do, not how you did it. I found this title very appropriate to the text because that is exactly what digital art on the computer is. The language of art has been changed from the traditional pencil/paint to “multi-linear, time-agnostic, fragmented, and discordant” digital art (Benjamin, 2014). One of the many things to have been gained would be knowing digital arts exact time and location. Digital are will always stay in great condition and can be preserved forever unless the artist deletes this from their digital technology. The traditional pen/paper will be lost as the late millennials and generation Z take the stage. There will always be those who enjoy painting and sketching, but to this generation digital art is the new trend. Generation Z has been born into a world where education, digital art, entertainment, smart phones, and information are just one click away from an answer. I am 28 and I can remember waiting for the computer to dial up and having to change the landline over to the internet line. It is unbelievable how much technology has advanced over the last 15 years. One has to keep up with technology as released, or they will be left behind making it hard to catch up.

One of the things that will be gained with digital art includes the authentication of the art. The artist will be able to take their cultural experiences as well as their individual experiences and modify them into digital art using some form of digital technology. The most common forms of digital technology include laptops, tablets, digital sketchpads, and smart phones. Plays will be placed on online platforms, and many poets will conduct their performances inside a video game. Human kind will be able to be transported to new surroundings. Digital is algorithms, generative, contextual, collaborative and data led (Benjamin, 2014).

The good news is high production costs can be reduced and lost forever. Digital art requires less of a production budget, producers, and developers. The idea of one having to preserve their art, literature, and music in pristine condition on paper will be lost forever. All can now be digital and saved forever as long as upgrading systems do not delete/lose the digital data.

No one knows the limitations of digital art. Digital art is hard to understand. Time will only tell if digital art is a permanent phase, or will artist go back to their traditional ways of pen/paper.


Benjamin, M. (2014, January 31). Digital art is what you can do, not how you did it. Retrieved from Aeon:

(Student) Andrea post:

Choose a different question from the previous discussion in the research project list below and answer it in relation to an issue in art and technology.

Whose problem is it?

It’s everyone’s problem with the issues related to art and technology. Not like before, when artist utilize paints, pallets, pencils, canvas, crayons and brushes to produce their artwork. These utensils are still being used, but we have a vast majority of art and technology that has change in society beginning with the experiment of mixing different types of media and software with the usage of digital devices that include pixel, computers and smart phones.

These issues impact the style of art because we transition between the numerous amounts of changed applications that come with implementing theory, plays, images, presentations and exhibits when being delivered. Now according to Scruton (2013), in his article Scientism’s in Arts and Humanities it was mentioned that “ pictures have intentionality just like beliefs and desire, and they can be compared in this respect not only with other paintings but with works of literature and music,” this statement draws the conclusion that the mood of the audience helps structure and plays an important part in art and technology when it comes to content not being available, and how it is being presented. In addition, it mentions various aspects that also deals with how we react to art throughout our lives which can be constructed as an art of writing, film studies, or sociology according tot he writer.


Scruton, R. (2013), “Scientism in the Arts and Humanities.” Why art is more than matter and meme. The New Atlantis, A Journal of Technology and Society.

DUE DATE AND TIME: June 19, 2020 At 12:00 p.m. Eastern Time

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