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Homework answers / question archive / Lesson plan Listening topic: Grit Learning objective: 1

Lesson plan Listening topic: Grit Learning objective: 1


Lesson plan Listening topic: Grit Learning objective: 1. Students can understand the content of the material. 2. Help students to improve their listening and speaking abilities. 3. Help students form the awareness of cross-culture. Level: Intermediate Time: 15-20 minutes Materials: TED video Activity Lead-in: Time Lesson and notes for tutors mins ·The vocabulary teacher gives Explanation the Students first understand students some words about the meaning of the words to (Pre- the Listening) topic and asks the lay the foundation for later students to match the words learning. or make a sentence. section helps improve their Intensive · listen to the video for the students listening first time to get the main listening skills. idea. 2. Help students to better (T-S: What’s the main idea understand the meaning of of the video?) the words. extensive ·listen to the video for the 1. Help students improve listening second time to answer the their listening skills to get details. detailed information. whileListening 1. This mins mins (T-S: In the video, the author talked about which grades she had taught before? T-S: what are the most critical factors in the process of learning) Grammar mins 1 Compare the tenses learned 1. This section can help before and the tenses that students master grammar need to be learned today. knowledge. 2 Clarify the meaning and 2. To help students learn to signs of the past tense and use grammar knowledge. the structure of the past tense 3.Organize a small exercise after class, let students discuss with each other using past tense sentences, the topic is "what did you do last weekend" Discussion mins ·

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