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please respond to 2 peers using research and references

Health Science

please respond to 2 peers using research and references.


  • Does the law require you to respond in disaster situations?

Nurses do not just have a moral commitment to really focus on others yet, in addition, to really focus on themselves. the Code expresses that the Nurses owe a similar obligation to themselves as to other people. This contention of commitment is particularly unmistakable during seasons of calamity when medical attendants are put in the situation to give care to fundamentally sick or injured patients for expanded timeframes. During these seasons of pandemics or normal disasters, Nurses and other medical care suppliers should choose how much top-notch care they can give to others while likewise dealing with themselves.

A licensed nurse who, in good faith, provides emergency care at the scene of an emergency that occurs outside the nurse's employment will not be held legally responsible for acting or failing to act. They can be held legally responsible if acting with extreme carelessness ( legalinventory,2021).

  • Do RNs have a contractual responsibility to respond in disaster situations?

Nurses are probably the biggest group of emergency responders during a debacle and are in danger of psychosocial issues that might require mediations to help them adapt to openness to disasters. In the prompt fallout of a calamity, the impacts can be overpowering to nurses working nearby, as there is a lot of disorder and disarray that nurses should contend with and overcome. Studies indicate disaster emergencies create an atmosphere of pandemonium and uncertainty and that nurses perceive they have been or will be abandoned by leadership. Feelings of abandonment by management and a lack of communication play a major role in the decision-making processes of nurses and other HCPs when deciding to work during a disaster (NCBI,2010).

  • Are you familiar with the laws in your state?

California Emergency Services Act, Government Code Section 8659: Any physician or surgeon (whether licensed in this state or any other state), hospital, pharmacist, nurse, or dentist who renders services during a state of war emergency, a state of emergency, or local emergency at the express or implied request of any responsible state or local official or agency shall have no liability for any injury sustained by any person by reason of such services, regardless of how or under what circumstances or by what cause such injuries are sustained; provided (calhospitalprepare, 2011).

2. Does the law require you to respond in disaster situation?

  • Laws for nurses responding in disaster situation are different depending on each state. According to ANA, nurses are not only responsible to provide cares for those in needs but also “owes the same duties to self as to others” (2015). Nurse’s scope of duty is building trust with patients and responding to their needs even during emergency situations. However, nurses are also obligated to take care of themselves. Some healthcare workers fear taking care of sick patients because the disease can be contagious to themselves and their family members. Because of that, nurses will face ethical dilemmas, especially in an emergency related to infectious disease such as COVID-19 pandemics.

Do RNs have a contractual responsibility to respond in disaster situations?

  • “Employers has a duty to protect the health, safety and welfare of its employees – that is, to provide a safe workplace” (Trueman, 2020). If safety is not guaranteed at work (e.g., not enough PPEs), it can be justifiable to refuse respond in disaster situations. However, although nurses do not have specific contractual responsibility, if nurses do not respond in disaster situation even after the safety is ensured at work, it is considered as the nurses not fulfilling ethical and professional obligations.

Are you familiar with the laws in your state?

  • When I look up the law, it seems like California law does not require nurses to respond in disaster situation. However, it is still nurse’s responsibility to follow a code of ethical conduct. I am not familiar with the laws in California. However, I realized that it is important to be aware of the laws in my state to prevent risks and improve quality of care.

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