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Homework answers / question archive / Define workplace health promotion programs

Define workplace health promotion programs

Health Science

  1. Define workplace health promotion programs.
  2. Discuss the role of health theories in workplace health promotion programs.
  3. Discuss human resource management actions for quality workplace health promotion programs.
  4. Explain decision making involved in workplace health promotion program planning.
  5. Explain the importance of health-promoting policies and procedures.
  6. Summarize how workplace teams promote health at the workplace.
  7. Explain how to use needs assessment results to support and make program decisions.
  8. Explain physical health workplace program challenges.
  9. Describe how big data can enhance the impact and sustainability of workplace health promotionprograms.
  10. Choose one:
    • Describe how small and midsize employers promote health.
    • Describe how hospitals promote employee health.
    • Describe how the federal government promotes employee health.
    • Describe how school and universities promote employee health.

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