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We learned RFP (Request for Proposal)


We learned RFP (Request for Proposal). Once an organization decides to outsource project work, parties are frequently responsible for developing a Request for Proposal. This can be done from either the perspective of the company offering the work or the company “fighting” for the bid. 

For the final project, I would like for you to develop an RFP from the perspective of the company or agency outsourcing the work. Your RFP will formally announce to external contractors/vendors the need for partnership to implement a specific project. For example, municipalities often outsource the maintenance of their parks and publish RFPs seeking experienced companies to apply to ‘win” the work, ultimately selecting one worthy business. You will write the RFP as the Project Manager spearheading the project. Your RFP to external contractors must include the following:

1. The name of the company/agency you work for and an overview of what your company/agency does. You may make up a fictitious company or pretend you work for an existing, big-name company. (½ page)

2. The body of your proposal must include the 9 components of an RFP as outlined in Chapter 12 of the text:

a. Summary of needs and request for action (½ page)

b. Statement of work (SOW) detailing the scope and major deliverables (½ page)

c. Deliverable specifications/requirements, features, and tasks (½ page)

d. Responsibilities—vendor and customer (½ page)

e. Project schedule (½ page)

f. Costs, budget, and payment schedule (½ page)

g. Type of contract (½ page)

h. Experience and staffing required (½ page)

i. Evaluation criteria (½ page)

3. Please also include a deadline for the submission of companies’ proposals. 

Details and format:

Ø Each part of the paper must be ½ page. All of the above-listed components require this paper to be at least 5 pages. 

Ø 12 pt. font; 1-inch margins; double-spaced 

Ø Please include a simple cover page including minimally: “Request for Proposal”, your name, and your company’s name. 

Ø The paper must be written a majority in paragraph form. No lists, no bullet points, no fragments. I will only permit the use of tables/charts for the Project Schedule (component e) and Costs, Budget, and Payment Schedule (component f). However, at least one complete paragraph must accompany the chart if you choose to incorporate one. 

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