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Homework answers / question archive /   The nuclear membrane forms from ER

  The nuclear membrane forms from ER



  1. The nuclear membrane forms from ER.
  2. Separate spindle fibers become attached to the centromeres of each chromosome.
  3. Separate chromosomes are not nearly visible but the chromatin has become thicker and shorter.
  4. In the middle of this stage, the nucleolus has completely disappeared.
  5. There is one set of single-stranded chromosomes at each end of the cell during this stage.
  6. In animal cells, the cell membrane begins to pinch together at the cell's center.
  7. The chromosomes lose their distinct form and once again appear as a mass of chromatin.
  8. In animal cells, the cell membrane pinches completely together so that the single cell is separated into two daughter cells.
  9. In plants, the cell plate is completed to form daughter cells.
  10. In animal cells, the centrioles separate.

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