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Homework answers / question archive / Please Read All Directions: 1

Please Read All Directions: 1


Please Read All Directions:

1. Briefly summarize what the article is about (2 to 3 sentences)

2. What survey did the data come from? Do an internet search for the survey name and then write 2 to 3 sentences summarizing what it is.

3. List the measures (variables) the researchers used and briefly describe them.

4. What are the researchers' three main findings?


Please write your answers entirely in your own words (no quotes) and use as plain of language as possible. In other words, try to avoid academic jargon and acronyms and describe things using terms that anyone could understand. There will be some things that most likely will not make sense to you (like "poststratification weights," for example) and you do not need to worry about trying to explain what they mean.

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