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Homework answers / question archive / Alice was born and bred in Brussels

Alice was born and bred in Brussels


Alice was born and bred in Brussels. She lives with her family in Belgium, apart from her occasional business and leisure travels, which are often temporary in nature. Alice keeps in touch with her ex-school mates from Brussels on a regular basis, as she has not been making new friends ever since she started her entrepreneurial endeavours.

Alice deposited proceeds from her retail shop’s day-to-day operations into the sole proprietorship’s Singapore bank account temporarily. She remitted all cumulative proceeds back to her Belgium bank account at the end of every month, after putting aside a certain amount for her retail shop’s working capital.

Alice felt helpless and disappointed that she had to cease her retail shop’s operations prematurely due to the pandemic outbreak in Singapore. She sought help from various avenues but to no avail. Alice left Singapore for good on 7 June 2020 to be with her family in Brussels.


(a) Apply the concepts and principles of income tax and tax residency in Singapore and discuss Alice’s tax residency status in Singapore for Year of Assessment

(“YA”) 2021.

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