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Homework answers / question archive / DIBAKAR GHOSH 20273074 R GHOSH ABC Inc, make products from MS metal

DIBAKAR GHOSH 20273074 R GHOSH ABC Inc, make products from MS metal


DIBAKAR GHOSH 20273074 R GHOSH ABC Inc, make products from MS metal. The products come in 2 varieties, Product A and product B. Historically, the monthly demand has been 12000 for product A and 6400 for product B. The plant works for 5 days in a week and in 2 shifts per day, each shift 23 of 8 hrs with 20 mins of scheduled break in each shift. Products are packed in trays of 20 parts each and 10 trays are packed on each pallet. Observed one shipment per day. The production control department transmits the instructions daily to production supervisor. The production supervisor transmits the instructions to various personnel on a daily basis. To make product A and B following five processes are involved before the shipping Process Cycle Time Change over Up (0) Time Drilling 1 sec 1 hr 85 Face Milling 39 sec 10 mins 90 End Milling 46 sec 10 mins 80 Grinding 62 sec 0 min 100 Burnishing 40 sec 0 min 100 Options Chat with Proctor - DIBAKAR GHOSH Five days of MS metal stock observed into raw material store, Company placed order to the supplier twice in a week. 7000 pieces are observed between drilling and face milling, 1700 pieces between face milling and end milling, 2450 pieces between end milling and grinding, 1840 pieces between grinding and burnishing and 4140 pieces between burnishing and shipping. Draw the current state map and future state map after answering the following questions, 1. What is Takt Time? 2. How many operators should be used? 3. How the continuous flow can be achieved? 4. Where will you used supermarket concepts? 5. What process improvements will be needed? [15] Options Upload Answer Sheet Using-Mobile View Uploaded 20000(Max Upto 20000 Characters) Format - Table - Insert Car

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