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Homework answers / question archive / Case Study 1 Judy is a full-time nursing student who also works two jobs and lives on her own

Case Study 1 Judy is a full-time nursing student who also works two jobs and lives on her own

Health Science

Case Study 1

Judy is a full-time nursing student who also works two jobs and lives on her own. Because she has little free time, Judy has to block out time for studying rather than trying to study when she has the time. She likes to color-code her schedule so that she can prioritize her time. John is a full-time nursing student who does not work and lives with his parents. He describes having many hobbies and sports activities that take away from his studying time. He likes to attend study sessions that can last from 5 to 8 hours to get it done all at once. Sometimes he gets caught up in something else and forgets when his tests are scheduled. Both Judy and John describe having difficulty studying, finding time to study, and avoiding distractions from their course work.

A.Which side of the brain is dominant for Judy? For John? Explain your answers.

B.What suggestions would you give Judy and John to help them study better?

C.How could Judy and John create an effective study space?

D.Why is it important for Judy to identify work-family conflicts as a single parent and a nursing student at this time?


E.Review Box 2-2 in Zerwekh & Garneau “Nursing Today”. Which of the suggested tactics for managing electronic communication do you currently use? Which of the tactics do you not currently use? Prioritize the list based on your own needs for managing electronic communication.

Case Study 2


Chris is a nursing student and a self-proclaimed procrastinator. She describes herself as waiting until the last minute to complete projects and study for exams. She is currently taking one online course and three courses in a classroom. Chris tells her academic advisor that she tried color-coding her files, making out schedules for studying, and blocking out time, but she was afraid she'd get caught up in the act of doing those tasks and then wouldn't have time to study. She describes having difficulties finding time to complete her online course work and staying current with the discussions. Chris is already feeling the consequences of her actions, as reflected by her falling grades.

A.What strategies could Chris's advisor explain to her that might help her overcome procrastination?

B.Chris explains to her advisor that although she procrastinates, she is also a perfectionist, always wanting to earn A' on all her work. What guidance should her advisor give her?

C.Chris's advisor tells her to try positive affirmations to boost her self-esteem. What is a positive affirmation, and how would it help Chris in this situation?

D.Chris explains how the online course is a lot harder than what she expected and she is having trouble keeping up with the class. She tells her advisor that she often forgets about the assignments because the course is more self-directed than her other classes. How should her advisor help her?



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